Pinball London

Directed by
Aaron Brookner

Executive Produced by
Jim Jarmusch

Produced by
Paula Vaccaro

Co-Produced by
Sara Driver & Alex Garcia

Audiences Campaign

The Uncle Howard campaign began with the restoration of Burroughs: The Movie, funded with the generous help of the community on Kickstarter. Having exceeded our funding goal, we were able to invest into restoring the newly discovered archives of Howard Brookner.

The production was then selected for the Talent Project Market at the Berlin International Film Festival, 2013, with Jim Jarmusch joining the film as Executive Producer.

The film gained support from the Jerome Foudation and the European Union’s MEDIA Program, as well as the Independent Filmmaker Project in New York and The Filmmaker Fund.

Presently the film is in post-production.

Uncle Howard deals with the loss of an artist and family member to AIDS. At the time when Howard Brookner was working, AIDS was scarcely understood. The film captures the time and place of 70's and 80's America with a contemporary perspective, providing the opportunity to look back and comprehend this moment.